Stroke: A young person’s disease?

Richard T. Benson, MD, Associate Medical Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center May 12, 2017

If you think you’re too young to have a stroke, think again. A study published in April 2017 showed that…

When stroke strikes, clinical trial decisions need to be made quickly

Amie W. Hsia, MD, Medical Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center May 22, 2017

(In the photo: Stroke team evaluates a patient. (L to R) Adey Haile-Mariam, RN, nurse responder team, Carlos Portillo, MRI…

The need for fast stroke care–and why some patients don’t get it

Rocco A. Armonda, MD, Director of Neuroendovascular Surgery, Surgical Co-Director of the Neuro Intensive Care Unit January 26, 2018

When a patient has a stroke, seconds and minutes can make the difference between life or death. Similar to someone…