From Fainting to the Spins—Facts About Dizziness

Susan O’Mara, MD, Chair, Emergency Medicine November 05, 2018

Feeling dizzy can be scary—and rightfully so. We see many patients in the emergency department or urgent care seeking medical…

Hallucinations, Confusion, Dizziness: Symptoms of ICU Delirium

Matthew Schreiber, MD, Associate Director, Medical ICU and Attending Physician, Pulmonary Disease/Critical Care December 04, 2018

“You’re trying to steal me!” “Don’t put me in that oven!” These are actual comments we’ve heard in the intensive…

Faint at the Sight of Blood? It Could be Vasovagal Syncope

Susan O’Mara, MD, Chair, Emergency Medicine March 07, 2019

We have all heard of people who faint when getting their blood drawn or when they are nervous. In fact,…