Celebrated Physician: Erin O’Neill, MD

by the MWHC Blog Team
August 03, 2017

The title on Erin O’Neill, MD’s business card reads “Attending Radiologist.” But it could just as accurately say “Puzzle Solver.”…

Unusual vascular condition almost costs a fitness trainer’s legs

by the MWHC Blog Team
August 03, 2017

A Rare Condition Joel Patton was the quintessential picture of health, boasting a strong body and mind. An IT professional…

How we care for sexual assault survivors

by Lindsey White, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician
August 02, 2017

Sexual assault is a sensitive topic, no matter how we discuss it. But it’s an important topic to discuss honestly…

Shared decision-making: It’s no longer ‘doctor knows best’

by Allen J. Taylor, MD, Chairman of Cardiology, MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute
July 31, 2017

Does this sound familiar? You go to the doctor. They diagnose you and tell you what the treatment will be….

Why I disagree with 2017 knee arthroscopy recommendations

by David C. Johnson, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, MedStar Orthopaedic Institute
July 26, 2017

Some of my patients have come to me worried after seeing media coverage of a report about knee arthroscopy, a…

How to get better shut-eye when you work night shifts

by Marc F. Schlosberg, MD, Neurologist
July 24, 2017

Job duties can pose various dangers to workers’ health: handling chemicals, operating heavy machinery, even sitting for hours on end…