‘GPS’ improves knee and hip replacement outcomes

by Savyasachi C. Thakkar, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, MedStar Orthopaedic Institute
June 08, 2017

When you get new tires on your car, it’s important that they are balanced and in alignment. This will keep…

The top 3 symptoms mistaken for allergies

by Norman Lester, MD, Otolaryngologist
June 07, 2017

I see hundreds of people every year who ask for help controlling their allergy symptoms. Allergies can be serious and…

How stem cells and skin grafts are shaping the future of burn care

by Jeffrey Shupp, MD, Director, Burn Center
June 05, 2017

I’m never content with the same old burn treatments. I love pushing the envelope and learning new and better ways…

Going abroad? See your doctor first

by Glenn W. Wortmann, MD, Section Director of Infectious Diseases, MedStar Washington Hospital Center
June 01, 2017

Your plane tickets are purchased, accommodations are organized, and passport is squared away. You’re almost ready for a trip abroad….

When to go to the emergency department for heart palpitations

by Jeffrey Dubin, MD, Chief Medical Officer
May 29, 2017

Most people barely notice their hearts beating. And that’s natural. But any noticeable change in the heartbeat should be concerning….

How much caffeine is safe for you and your child?

by Allen J. Taylor, MD, Chairman of Cardiology, MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute
May 25, 2017

We are a nation obsessed with caffeine: Cans of caffeinated energy drinks with flashy names line beverage shelves. New coffee…