Putting Sleep Apnea to Bed

by Stanley Chia, MD, Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology
March 20, 2017

An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from serious chronic or intermittent sleep disorders that undermine the quality of…

Demystifying pap smear and pelvic exam guidelines

by Cheryl Iglesia, MD, Director, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
March 20, 2017

Gynecological exams used to be simple: Get an annual Pap smear and pelvic exam. Current guidelines recommend Pap smears every…

Why burn scars itch and how to find relief

by Jeffrey Shupp, MD, Director, Burn Center
March 16, 2017

As many as 90 percent of burn patients report itching after their injuries, according to data cited by the Phoenix…

New Device Reduces Stroke Risk for Certain A-Fib Patients

by Manish Shah, MD, Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology Training Program
March 14, 2017

Tune in to the full podcast about the WATCHMAN device with Dr. Manish Shah. Atrial Fibrillation Facts Atrial fibrillation (A-fib)…

Happy Birthday, MedStar Washington Hospital Center: Yesterday and Today

by the MWHC Blog Team
March 10, 2017

Below are excerpts from Washington Hospital Center’s 25th Anniversary History, published in 1983 and called, “Building on Yesterday, Becoming Tomorrow”…

Walk away from colorectal cancer: Exercise can lower risk

by James F. FitzGerald, MD, Colon and Rectal Surgeon
March 09, 2017

By James Francis FitzGerald, MD, colon and rectal surgeon at MedStar Washington Hospital Center  In January 2017, researchers reported that exercise…