Celiac disease: Why gluten-free is still mission-critical in 2018

by Z. Jennifer Lee, MD, FACG, Gastroenterologist
May 22, 2018

For years, patients with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity have had to limit their diets to eliminate gluten, a protein…

How we lower heart risks of HER2-targeted breast cancer therapy

by Ana Barac, MD, Director, Cardio-Oncology Program, MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute
May 21, 2018

Imagine the triumph of surviving breast cancer. Every test and procedure, every round of therapy was worth it to save…

‘Draining the sink’ to treat glaucoma with minimally invasive surgery

by Mark L. Gonzalez, MD, Clinical Director, MedStar Eye Institute
May 17, 2018

Today’s surgeons can use minimally invasive techniques for many conditions that require surgery. For example, knee replacements can be performed…

Advanced technology offers better kidney cancer outcomes, less pain, and quicker recovery

by Ross Krasnow, MD, Urologic Oncologist
May 15, 2018

Years ago, before we had advanced and routine imaging, a kidney mass was only discovered when it had become very…

Celebrated Physician: Eiman H. Nabi, MD

by the MWHC Blog Team
May 11, 2018

It’s no wonder Eiman Nabi, MD, characterizes herself as a“global baby.” Born in India, she grew up in the Middle…

Say what?!? Cochlear implant restores hearing in 90-year-old grandmother

by the MWHC Blog Team
May 10, 2018

Because of her profound hearing loss, Edna Whitted would pass notes back and forth in church with her granddaughter in…