Medical Intel

Mini PCNL: Minimally Invasive Treatment for Large Kidney Stones

by Daniel Marchalik, MD, Director, Ambulatory Urologic Surgery
July 02, 2019

Each year, more than 500,000 people visit an emergency room because of a kidney stone. People with kidney stones often…

6 Simple Tips to Prevent Summertime Burns

by Jeffrey Shupp, MD, Director, Burn Center
July 01, 2019

Hear “summer” and “burns” in the same sentence and “sunburn” probably comes to mind. But that’s not the burn that…

How Bariatric Surgery Can Reduce Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

by Timothy R. Shope, MD, Chief, Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery
June 25, 2019

Obesity is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is the No.1 cause of death in U.S. adults. However,…

Head and Neck Cancers: How Reconstructive Surgery Can Maintain Patients’ Looks

by Jonathan Giurintano, MD, Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon
June 18, 2019

Head and neck cancers appear on visible parts of the body—so, naturally, people fear they might not look like themselves…

Adrenal Gland Tumors: Our Team Approach to Successful Treatment

by Erin A. Felger, MD, Endocrine Surgeon
June 11, 2019

The adrenal glands, located right above the kidneys, produce hormones that are critical to your health and well-being. Everyone is…

Dementia: Who Is Most at Risk and How to Manage It

by Cesar Alberto Torres, MD, Geriatric and House Call Doctor
June 04, 2019

Have you noticed times when your loved one forgets about their typical television program or suddenly does not remember to…