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Exciting breast cancer news: More women can safely forgo chemotherapy

by Christopher M. Gallagher, MD, Oncologist, Medical Director of Cancer Services, Washington Cancer Institute
June 13, 2018

Data from a 2018 study have confirmed the standard of care for many women with early-stage breast cancer: chemotherapy isn’t…

How diabetes patients can avoid amputation, and when it’s the best option

by Tammer Elmarsafi, DPM, Podiatric Surgeon
June 12, 2018

One of the major goals of our Limb Salvage and Wound Care program is to avoid amputation when we can—and…

45 is the new 50—for colonoscopy

by I. David Shocket, MD, Director, Gastroenterology
June 06, 2018

The American Cancer Society has released new colonoscopy recommendations: Adults at average risk should start getting colonoscopies at 45 instead…

Why is HPV-related head and neck cancer surging among young adults?

by Matthew L. Pierce, MD, Otolaryngologist
May 29, 2018

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S.—it’s so prevalent that nearly all sexually active…

Celiac disease: Why gluten-free is still mission-critical in 2018

by Z. Jennifer Lee, MD, Gastroenterologist
May 22, 2018

For years, patients with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity have had to limit their diets to eliminate gluten, a protein…

How we lower heart risks of HER2-targeted breast cancer therapy

by Ana Barac, MD, Director, Cardio-Oncology Program, MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute
May 21, 2018

Imagine the triumph of surviving breast cancer. Every test and procedure, every round of therapy was worth it to save…