Kenneth D. Burman MD


Kenneth D. Burman, MD, Endocrinology

Kenneth D. Burman, MD, has decades of experience in researching and treating the full range of pituitary disorders. He specializes in pituitary endocrinology with expertise in treating thyroid cancer and other thyroid conditions. Dr. Burman leads the endocrinology team at the MedStar Pituitary Center.

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Thyroid cancer screening guidelines raise questions

by Kenneth D. Burman, MD, Endocrinology
January 08, 2018

In May 2017, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended that doctors not screen routinely for thyroid cancer in…

Why I usually recommend surgery to treat low-risk thyroid cancer

by Kenneth D. Burman, MD, Endocrinology
December 12, 2017

Doctors are seeing more patients with thyroid cancer in the last 30 years, as data from the American Cancer Society…

Why Taking Thyroid Supplements is a Bad Idea

by Kenneth D. Burman, MD, Endocrinology
November 07, 2017

The thyroid is an organ located in the front of the neck that’s involved in several major bodily functions. Breathing,…